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Who to tell when you have sold your home?

Who To Tell After You Have Sold Your Home In Surrey, British Colombia?

Congratulations on selling your home! It’s a long process and you got through it in one piece. If this is your first time selling your home, I am sure it seems like there is a million details to cover because there is. Among them is updating certain groups and associations about your move. As seasoned realtors with over 50 years in the business, we can tell you it creates a smooth transition that will prevent you future headaches. Trust us when we say it is something that will help you in the long run.

Without further ado, let’s go over who you should tell about your move and how we recommend doing it.

Friends and Family

This one is a given. One of the most important people to tell is your loved ones in your inner circle. Moving is always considered a huge milestone so make sure you tell those closest to you about the transition.

Your Job

The next entity you are going to want to inform is your place of employment. Even if you are not switching jobs, it is a good idea to inform your employer in case it interferes with payment, health emergencies, employee records, taxes, etc… Ask your manager if there are any forms you need to fill out for a seamless change.

Canada Post

You just made a move but, let’s make sure your mail moves with you. Canada Post offers a Mail Forwarding Service to make sure your mail goes to your new home. As a heads up, you need to submit your request at least five days ahead of you moving.

Medical Service Plan (MSP)

Your medical service plan covers your health insurance card as well as your prescription drug insurance. In case of an emergency, ensure you update your address information within 10 days of your move at the very latest. You can do so via their website or phone number.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

This is one of the most important groups to tell as it is mandatory by law. You may even have to pay a fine if your license is not updated with the correct information. You can change your address by calling or through their website.

Home, Internet, TV & Phone Provider

To ensure you have a smooth transition into your new home, tell your home, internet, tv & phone provider about your move well in advance. That way when you’re settling into your new home, you don’t have to stress over the little things such as wifi!

Streaming Services

The last thing you want is payment issues with Netflix because of your billing address. This includes services such as Spotify, Amazon Prime, Crave, Apple Music, Disney+ etc…

In my half-century of experience as a realtor, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of smooth transitions on the overall moving experience. Keeping different providers informed about your move is paramount to ensuring a seamless transition. Proactive communication not only prevents any potential hiccups but also lays the foundation for a successful move, ultimately leading to a more comfortable and hassle-free settling-in process in your new home. Trust me when I say that these small yet crucial steps can make all the difference!

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